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Program Helpform Reporting

As I move to propose support services pricing and phone support services w/pricing, I feel that it would add tremendous value for the client and our account management teams to have monthly and reporting detailing the nature of our support services to the client per month including support trends.  This will show the clients what we are doing (what they are paying for when it comes to support service fees), as well as give us insights into what the nature of our program end-user's requests are.  Very valuable information across the board, to OLR and to our clients.

Here is the information I would like to see via a scheduled monthly report:

-How many help desk submissions were made across all programs?

-How many help desk submissions were made per program?

-How many users in any given program chose each of the following help desk menu selections?

  • I can't get into the site
  • I need help with an order
  • I need help registering
  • Other
  • Guest
  • Nov 30 2017
  • Planned
  • Dec 1, 2017

    Admin Response

    This has been added to the Tableau Internal Reports backlog, slated for execution beginning Q1 - 2018.

    Following the confirmed implementation of the Freshdesk datasource, I will review the available data with you and finalize the scope of the requested report(s).

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  • Admin
    Jeffrey Wyckoff commented
    December 01, 2017 15:01

    Krystal, thank you for submitting this idea.

    I absolutely agree that these insights would have significant value for internal and external initiatives.

    This will be added to our backlog of internal report requests that we will begin executing on (using Tableau) in Q1, 2018.