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Link and Pin info/extension in Nielsen Batch Admin

Currently, Nielsen Batch orders are fulfilled with the RoD links before providing panelists with the actual digital codes from our suppliers. However, since the client is the first point of contact for all customer support, they receive many inquiries of not receiving the fulfillment email with the RoD link and pin or claims that the RoD pin has expired. For these inquiries, the client then has to reach out to us to do research and/or extend the RoD pin if expired.
To eliminate contacting unnecessary parties and to lower the turnaround time, the client has requested to see if we can add admin functionality in the Nielsen Batch admin portal to provide them the ability to view if a link has been accessed, or if the RoD pin has expired, and if expired, the ability to extend the expiration by 15 days for a total of 2 times.
Note - Typically, for other clients (Ipsos), we would extend for 30 days, but for Nielsen, it'll be 15 days.
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  • Jan 23 2018
  • Future consideration
  • Jan 29, 2018

    Admin Response

    While this request is quite specific to this client, the underlying need to easily extend expiration dates to the satisfaction of the client definitely demands a viable solution.
    The Core Team and Leadership are in the process of confirming priority and timing of future releases for Rewards on Demand this week.
    From there, we are prioritizing the backlog of requests and will have a much better understanding of the content of future release(s) at least through H1, 2018.
    Jeffrey will follow up with Mayur, Celeste, Nick and Keith with updates about the nature of our upcoming releases, and will certainly be requesting your feedback and additional input to help prioritize.
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  • Admin
    Jeffrey Wyckoff commented
    24 Jan 17:08


    Thank you for submitting this idea.

    There seems to be some question about the official policy(ies) regarding link/pin expiration and extension.

    Your request alludes to the fact that this policy may vary by client.

    So we can move forward with further consideration, please share the contracts or other documentation where these policies are referenced for IPSOS and our other Rewards On Demand clients.

  • Admin
    Jeffrey Wyckoff commented
    29 Jan 15:27

    Per Mayur:

    Unfortunately, we do not have documentation regarding the expiration extension.

    We do that as a courtesy to the client and the participant. Extending the code helps with the retention of the participant for the client.

    Also to keep in mind that not extending the expiration date on a code may give the client a reason to question as to why not, which may lead to bringing forward the breakage numbers and/or possible sharing the breakage.

    That said, I was advised the Research Now documentation ( has some verbiage around the code extension; its on the last page.