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Support for single sign on according to OLR's SSO Standard.

This request was made as a result of a request from ECO / Orriant via Bruce/Elan.

Additional background information from Bruce:

  1. While they have year to date only redeemed just over $4,000 this population is mostly baby boomers who bank all their points to redeem by the end of January 2018; there are currently an additional $23,000 to be redeemed
  2. Only 19.2% of the eligible population who has earned points has registered  and most of the 45 help requests logged are complaints of login issues, forgotten passwords and not received emails upon resetting passwords
  3. 274 registered users have $9,779 to redeem and 1,133 eligible participants (unregistered) have $13,350 to redeem yet they have still not registered
  4. Participants are getting so frustrated with login process that they have sent emails to the SR. Account Executive of the Client "ECO" and shared that they may quit the program.
  • Jeffrey Wyckoff
  • Nov 1 2017
  • Needs review
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