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Manager v6 - Change Request - Adding Multiple Cards & Denoms to Multiple Catalogs

Request Type:  Internal System Change Request

System Name:  Manager v6 -

Request Detail:  Change Manager v6 functionality to better accommodate the addition of hundreds of brands and denominations in a time efficient manner.


Project Requestor:  Krystal Peterson

Date Submitted:  March 13, 2018


What is the business opportunity?  

Creating Catalog Operational Efficiencies to reduce the exhorbitant overhead costs of maintaining and optimizing digital inventory along with hundreds of client catalogs.


Description of current state or problematic workflows to be addressed:

The catalog system currently only allows you to add gift cards one denomination of one card brand at a time.  Here are the operational cost implications of this functionality:


Addition of (1) $50 Digital eCard, to 100 Catalogs = 4 Hours


I currently have a list of 45 Digital Gift Cards to be added or flipped from one supplier to another to optimize our catalog provisions and discounts (which has to be done at least quarterly moving forward.)  Here are the operational cost implications of doing this:


Addition of the single $50 denomination for 45 Digital Card Brands to 100 catalogs = 180 Hours

(Which = 22.5 Working Days)


IF we then add the standard set of 5 denominations for any single brand of Digital Gift Card to 100 catalogs which should be standard practice but is currently operationally cost prohibitive, that = 900 Hours (Which = 112.5 Working Days, Which = 3.75 Working Months)


We currently manage 500+ catalogs and thousands of denominations and brands of Digital and Physical Gift Cards within our Catalogs, and are currently sitting on hundreds brand and denomination additions because of these cost prohibitive circumstances.  

So when I, as the Shared Services Manager, am charged by Michael and Dianna to continue to modernize our gift card offerings (Since Gift Card Sales are 75% of our Business), this becomes very unrealistic to execute without hiring additional staff or asking for an improvement in the technology.  


We want the company to have the agility it needs to make ongoing catalog gift card monetization viable.  It’s just money left on the table at this point.

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  • Mar 13 2018
  • Future consideration
  • Apr 6, 2018

    Admin Response

    This Change Request has been entered into Comindware for review - CM8461

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