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Manager v6 - Change Request - Moving Gift Cards from one Supplier to Another to Maximize Supplier Discounts

Request Type:  Internal System Change Request

System Name:  Manager v6 -

Request Detail:  Change Manager v6 functionality to better accommodate the monetization of our digital gift card provisions as well as enhancing the management and ease of visibility into our global footprint.

Project Requestor:  Krystal Peterson

Date Submitted:  March 7, 2018

What is the business opportunity?  Creating Catalog Operational Efficiencies to reduce overhead costs and optimize discounts.


Description of current state or problematic workflows to be addressed:


  • Optimal Monetization of Digital Gift Card Discounts
    • Suppliers offer us discounts on Gift Card items.  These discounts can change quarterly. When this happens or we integrate with a new Digital Gift Card supplier, we compare discounts to ensure we are receiving the best discounts on the items we decide to offer to our clients/end-users.  Since we offer thousands of Digital Gift Card items this becomes an arduous task quickly, however, when we do this, many times we can gain a 30% increase in discount if we can switch our supplier for an item quickly.


    • It currently takes 3 hours to switch one denomination of one gift card item from one supplier to another.  I currently have a list of at least 12 gift card items who’s supplier should be switched based on the current discounts we are offered by our current supplier base.  This means that it will take 36 hours to make this single change to one denomination of each of the 12 Gift Card items, and this will not be the last time as this should be an ongoing effort (Quarterly) to monetize our digital offerings.  


    • Therefore, in order for us to flip all 5 denominations of each of the 12 gift card brands only one time we would need 180 hours to do so.



  • Managing OLR’s Growing Global Supplier Footprint
    • A very common request which the catalog department receives is that of item provision and whether an item is offered in certain regions.  For example Jiff wanted us to tell them if certain items were available in a multiplicity of regions. ( This becomes a very time consuming request in spite of it being a semi-daily one from sales or client service (as it should be if they are working to grow the business from both sides).  


    • There is no simple or time efficient way to do this and so it currently takes hours to perform.  We are forced to:
      • Pull catalog extracts from every country
      • Search each catalog extract for the items requested by the client


    • Another very common request which the catalog department receives is that of catalog provisions by region.  For instance the common question, “What items or types of items do you offer in Russia, Latvia, France, Japan,etc.?”


    • Currently, the only way we are able to view what items are offered in what regions is by doing the following:
      • Open up the supplier in Manager v6
      • Select the Regions dropdown
      • Select region where you would like to view items
      • Repeat for every region listed
      • Repeat all steps above for each supplier listed
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  • Mar 8 2018
  • Future consideration
  • Apr 6, 2018

    Admin Response

    This Change Request has been entered into Comindware for review - CM8461

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  • Admin
    Jeffrey Wyckoff commented
    09 Mar 14:21


    Thank you for this detailed submission!
    I will review in the coming week with the CORE team to gather feedback prior to moving this through Comindware.

    Thank you!