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Supplier Base - Remove items to prevent item from being used in catalogs

It seems that Incomm creates a new item when they have item brand updates. Example Xbox AUS.
We had one item set up with 5 denominations and they informed us that they would no longer accept that item for orders and that we needed to create new items using the New Brand ID. I am able to mark the items NLA in manager and un-map the items just so they don't accidentally get back into a catalog. Although, when I am on the Incomm API site, it gets a bit confusing on what product we are using and not using. (or better yet, what we SHOULD NOT be using) I am not able to mark this item as DO NOT USE on the site anywhere, so in the future I just have to remember not to set this item up.  Is it possible for us to remove an item from the offerings on the Incomm API site so that this items doesn't get used again.
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  • Feb 21 2018
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  • Admin
    Jeffrey Wyckoff commented
    26 Feb 13:52

    Teresa, thank you for this idea.

    I will schedule time to review this request with you and Krystal to come up with the correct solution to avoid confusion on this process.

  • Dave Menninger commented
    27 Feb 14:24

    It sounds like Teresa is asking for some kind of notes field where she might write a human-readable reason to not use a given brand.  "Mark as DO NOT USE" could be accomplished a many different ways I suppose.


    Another way to do this would be to just put a simple toggle on the brand that displays to the user, than can be flipped between "ok to use" and "don't use".


    Another way would be to use a last-seen date for each brand that would record the last time that brand was shown as available in Incomm's API.  Since the job to download their data runs daily, any date older than a day or two old would indicate that the brand is no longer active.  The last-seen date could be prominently displayed on each brand's page.  We could even use this date in the manager export script to automatically make items that age-out go NLA without any human intervention.

  • Admin
    Jeffrey Wyckoff commented
    27 Feb 17:11

    Reviewed with Krystal.

    Our next step is to schedule a technical review with Incomm so we can understand the underlying reason for the creation of new BrandIds, and ensure they understand the impact on our end. Following that call, I will return to update this ticket with details and next steps.